1 hour session $150.00

90 minute session $200.00


As you sit comfortably, Ellen will have a relaxed discussion about an area of your life you want to improve. Energy Healing is a personal journey. It’s all up to you. What journey do you want to take in your healing? Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, Energy Healing can create positive changes for you. Ellen will work with you to remove energy blocks. Examples of stuck energies are grief, loss, emotional trauma, fear and belief patterns that no longer serve you.


Strengthen your relationship with your soul and others by opening your heart to unconditional self love and happiness.

  • See what life is reflecting to you
  • Discover forgiveness in a new way
  • Listen and trust your intuition
  • Create your life with intention
  • Let go of the past
  • Release grief and emotional pain
  • Listen and trust your guides
  • Open your mind to possibilities
  • Understanding the energy of you, your thoughts, emotions, words and actions

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Suspend judgement. Understand why telling the story of how you were hurt brings the painful energy and emotional pain back into your body every time. Make peace with the past, release the energy involved, replace it with love and compassion and walk in your own footsteps creating a new story with self love. The energy you carry is the magnet for attraction. When you heal and create a new energy, you attract that vibration. Like attracts like.


There is a noticeable shift in how you feel. After an Energy Healing session you will feel lighter. When you are aligned, your heart is happy. There is a very noticeable difference after a session. In most sessions you feel peace. As energy that is not supporting you is released from your field, new energy is downloaded into your body and a sense of well being fills your energy field. This is so exciting because ultimately you are responsible for your healing. Energy Healers are the vehicle to assist you to the healing you desire.

A note on Coronavirus/ COVID-19: In joining the community efforts to contain the spread, all sessions will be done virtually for the time being. Virtual sessions are equally effective as in-person sessions and are done via Face Time, Zoom or Telephone. You may check our website for the most up to date information regarding when in person sessions will resume.